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For nearly thirty years, Dr. Jeffrey Sawyer has been an Ears, Nose, and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, in the Hartford-County area.

Dr. Sawyer has hospital privileges at Hartford Hospital, Manchester Hospital, Children's Hospital, Hartford Surgical Center, and Rockville Hospital.

Dr Sawyer is also a teaching attending physician for the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine Otolaryngology Residency Program. Dr. Sawyer teaches medical students and residents of the Ears, Nose, and Throat specialty, both didactic and practical skills.

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His offices are located at 300 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, Connecticut, Suite 202, as well as 2800 Tamarack Road, South Windsor, Connecticut, Suite 108.

All appointments can be made through the primary office receptionists at 860.659.2759.

Dr. Sawyer's offices are equipped to handle simple surgical procedures, as long as the patient's overall health status supports this kind of clinical setting for the procedure. Otherwise, a hospital setting can accommodate all patient supports.

Dr. Sawyer is Board Certified in Otolaryngology and head and Neck Surgery. He is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons and is on full staff at the hospitals where he is privileged; as well as on the Executive Committee for the Connecticut Ears, Nose, and Throat Society. Dr. Sawyer has also served on the Hartford County Medical Society Peer Review Board and was voted by his peers to be a recipient of the "Top Doc in Connecticut" Award, for the past several years.

Dr. Sawyer's initial training included, Boston Children's Hospital, New England Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Lahey Clinic University Hospital, Boston Veterans Administration Hospital of Jamaica Plains as well as Boston City Hospital. He brings a wide variety of knowledge and exposure, as well as being apprised of the numerous and current state-of-the-art treatments options available for patients.

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Dr. Sawyer is renown for his expertise in Sinus, both medically and surgically. He is certified in the latest techniques of Sinus Surgery, including Balloon Sinusplasty. Dr. Sawyer also treats:

• Rhinitis and sore throats (tonsillitis, peritonsilar and tonsilar abscesses), both medically and surgically (tonsillectomy)

• Head and neck cancer detection and treatment

• Head and neck skin cancer detection, treatment, and surgical removal, as well as plastic repairs

• Reconstructive nose surgery, due to trauma, disease, obstruction (deviated septum), or aesthetic reconstruction

• Sinus problems: detection, clinical inspection, and diagnosing treatment, both medical and surgical

• Hearing loss: detection, treatment, and proper health care professional fitting of a hearing aid. Dr. Sawyer's office has a Certified Audiologist and trained in hearing aid fitting, teaching and repairs of hearing aids. Appointments can be made directly with our Audiologist, Heather Carter or can follow after being evaluated by Dr. Sawyer. The Audiologist and Dr. Sawyer will work hand in hand to help restore your hearing, to its optimal performance and patient satisfaction

• Tongue-tied alleviation (office procedure)

• Oral cancer detection and treatment

• Ear infection. Treatments, both medical and surgical, requiring the placement of tubes to alleviate the pressure, while creating drainage and restore the integrity and health of the ear canal hearing, dizziness, and balance. Treatments can be conducted within the office setting, surgical suite, or hospital ambulatory care facilities

• Ear lobe repair for keloids and tears or clefts

• Scar revision of the head and neck areas. Patients prone to keyloid scarring are handled individually

Dr. Sawyer sees patients in his office Monday through Friday, some Saturdays, with extended hours on Tuesday evening. Morning appointments are available for his patients' convenience. Dr. Sawyer's patients also benefit from available 24-hour on-call care. Office hours start at 6:30 AM except on Saturdays.
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