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Myringotomy and Ventilation Tubes
Myringotomy and ventilation tubes are a way of allowing the middle ear to ventilate or breathe through the external ear canal while there is growth and development of the Eustachian tube. This is the normal body part which goes from the ear to the back of the nose, which allows the middle ear to drain. The procedure itself is a short procedure and not associated with prolonged post-operative discomfort. Most children are fussy for 1-2 hours after the procedure, usually associated with the manipulation of the ears and the anesthesia, but once the anesthesia clears most of the time children are back on track.

At the time of the procedure, antibiotic drops are always placed in the ears. One may sometimes see some drainage from the drops or from the ear, as the ear is now able to drain or breathe better. Sometimes blood can be seen from the ear canal initially. Depending on how the ears look at the time of the procedure, medication may or may not be given afterwards, but this would be discussed after the procedure.

Post-operatively with tubes, eating and drinking is not a problem. Washing, bathing, and showering is not a problem. The only time one needs to be concerned is with putting the head under water; however, washing the hair, bathing, and showering does not require plugs or cotton to keep the water out for daily maintenance. For children who do go swimming and like to put their head under water, there is a product called an Ear Bandit that can be used. This goes over the ears and is easily obtained through mail order. The toll free number can be obtained from my office for this product, which is good to keep water out of the ears for swimming and going under water.

We do like to see patients back in the office for a post-operative check 1-2 weeks after the procedure or if there are any concerns at any time.

If there are any questions at any time, please give my office a call.
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